Our story

Some of us come from the fashion industry, others from design jobs, while some others from marketing or even the video game industry. We were seeking to develop our business among the Esport industry. We had different paths but a common goal: be recognized as the best at our job in Esport, work for the best and brandforge the designs of tomorrow.

We developed our expertise and multiplied our relations in order to increase our notoriety, climb the ladder and be among the best. It is with great dedication, rigor and perseverance that we proved ourselves to the most famous European players, organisations and influencers to finally become a reference in our sector. The creative desires and needs of our clients often involve different areas of expertise and we had the opportunity to work on many joint projects.

From this point on, BrandForge was born. This made us able to offer a fully fledged E-Branding, marketing and communication services to the demanding organizations and artists of the Esport industry.




RZ Digital


General Director


We are brandForge

We are an organization gathering experienced artists from the Esport industry, including illustration experts, art directors, motion designers, photographers, video makers, visual marketers, merchandisers… We take the time to understand your needs in order to offer you what’s best among the top-trends.

We hold out a creative ecosphere with which you’ll build a trust relationship around dedicated and passionate people knowing and understanding your story and your way to communicate. We provide each of your projects a dedicated art director which will carry out your vision, selecting the artists suited for your needs among our large group of experts. They will also ensure the proper development throughout the entirety of the project.

Understanding a brand starts by a great communication between our workgroup and we make a point at creating a fluid and efficient communication with you to infuse your vision within that group.

Our Office

We are available for you:


Our meeting office is located at 66 Avenue des Champs-Elysées (75008 Paris).

Please make sure to contact us at least one week prior to the date you’d wish to meet with us.

We can’t wait to become the best, with you.