The project

Artemis is a professional player of the Dynasty.C team.

She’s playing FPS games such as Overwatch and Valorant as a sniper.

In the Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of hunt, nature, wild animals, moon and chastity. Pink is the favorite color of our client and the presence of the Moon over the course of the project was very important to her as well as the reminder of the goddess’ origins. Therefore, we had a large database to draw inspiration from and forge a unique and truly personal render.

The content :

  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Character Design
  • 3D Character Spotlight Video
  • HQ Illustration 
  • Streaming Pack
  • Marketing Products

Character Design

Artemis wanted something agile, feminine and badass all at once. Realizing such a character design required us to know the story of our client in order to have something adapted to her needs and which resembles her, both physically and mentally. What impression does she want to give? What are her habits? What games is she playing? What are her favorite weapons and is she rather playing tank or damage dealer? These are just a sample of the questions we asked to choose and create this specific design.

3D Character Spotlight Video

Accessing 3D and such a level of customization of your branding is a unique way to stand out.

Brand Identity / Marketing Products

Since Artemis was born in China and she’s a fan of the Japanese culture, we were able to draw inspiration from the Asian culture and its numerous symbols, like the Sakura flower. The popularity of such an emblem makes it easy to recall. The flower also funnily shares a similarity with gunpowder weapons: it has 5 petals, like certain rifles. The cannon shape was then a key element to retranscribe the aggressive playstyle of Artemis while still remaining a soft and delicate symbol when mixed up with the cherry tree flower.

Streaming Pack

Artemis’ new stream assets is a visual-packed version of her recent brandforging enhanced by the latest rendering and graphical technologies. We implemented a touch of storytelling by basing off the different stream visuals on the spotlight video. Throughout the stream starting from the “starting soon” to the “ending” screens, the viewer is able to further immerse into the character universe with beautifully animated backgrounds following the spotlight narrative.

3D figure

The 3D figure is a tailored, hand-painted unique piece.

  • LED Stereolithography with SLA resine zABS,
  • Details: 50 µm Z
  • Size: 21 cm
  • Weight: 300g

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