The project

Doigby is a major actor of the European streaming industry. He runs several shows with different thematics. He contacted us to create a personal art direction which would be homogeneous through all of these shows. Sophisticated, airy and innovating, those were the values he wanted to infuse into his new brand.

The content :

  • Brand identity
  • Customisable Streaming pack

The Launch

To announce the release of his new brand, we had the pleasure to produce his promotional teaser trailer.

Brand Identity

Being a very influential streamer with an already well-known image, our biggest challenge was lying into our ability to reinterpret his logo shapes while keeping its originality. The motion design was key in finding his new look.

Fully customizable

Owning several shows with frequent changes, the challenge here was to create a customizable and evolutive art direction. Shaders, pattern layout and announcers / alerts were to be customizable to allow our client to adapt them at any time.