Fabien Causeur


The project

Fabien Causeur is a professional basket player for Real Madrid. He reached out to us for the complete streaming pack: we had to create his entire digital brand from scratch. Among other things, we investigated his hobbies, points of interest and his story to infuse them into his digital look and video game character.

The content :

  • Character Design 
  • Animated illustration 
  • Brand identity
  • Streaming Pack
  • Marketing Products

The Character Design

Deciding the digical character design is the most important task since it drives the entirety of the art direction for the brand. We knew Fabien is a fan of anime like One Piece and Naruto but also of cartoon games such as Overwatch. Our challenge was then to create a character which could belong to these two universes at once.

Brand Identity

Fabien Causeur is a professional basketball player for Real Madrid and he loves his team. He told us that keeping his team “spirit” and colors was one of  the most important aspects of the branding for him. This gave us important and priority color codes to start our research with.

Creating transition between screens was pretty interesting to create. Working on bringing as much personality as possible, we wanted to use the transition like a character movement, moving from a scene to another. In the history of the digital character we created, he wears a large, black flame cloak which leaves a trail of dust behind him and it was one of the most interesting aspects to design.

Marketing Product

Inspired by sport clothes and basketball products, we wanted to keep a uniformity between his digital look and his real-life job.